Oak Park Mall

Santa is available Nov. 5 to Dec. 24
11149 W 95th St., Overland Park, KS 66214
Oak Park Mall Questions & Answers

What is the Customer Service information?

Where is Oak Park?
11149 W 95th St., Overland Park, KS 66214.

Where is Adventure to Santa located in Oak Park Mall?
Adventure to Santa is located lower level center court near Dillard’s South.

How much are Adventure to Santa packages?
The Adventure to Santa experience ranges in price from $40 to $75 per family, depending on the group size and photo package selected.

Can I be refunded for my picture package that I made with my online booking?
Yes, a full refund can be provided if a guest cancels at least 48 hours before their reservation time. For more information, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@cherryhillphoto.com.

Can I bring my pet to visit Santa?
We apologize, pets are not permitted at Adventure to Santa at Oak Park Mall.

Will I be able to park my stroller?
For your convenience, stroller parking is located next to the Host Desk.

Can I take personal photos in the house?
We ask you refrain from personal photography during your visit through Adventure to Santa.

What if I have to change the date or time of my booking?
No problem! On the confirmation email, there is a link to manage your reservation. Simply click on this link and login to access your family page account. After clicking “Reservations” and then “Manage Your Reservation”, the opportunity to select another date and time based on the attraction availability will be provided.

What if I need to change my reservation, but the attraction is sold out?
Please contact customerservice@cherryhillphoto.com and they will try to further assist you. You can find their information on your confirmation email. You can also visit the Adventure to Santa Host Desk at Oak Park Mall to inquire about same-day bookings based on availability.

Do I have to pre-purchase a photo package?
Pre-purchasing a Passport and photo package online is strongly recommended to secure your preferred date and time. Guests are also welcome to visit Adventure to Santa at Oak Park and inquire about same-day availability at the Host Desk. Please note that a photo package purchase is required prior to entry into the Adventure to Santa experience.

How many people are allowed per booking?
Depending on the package you choose, the number of guests can vary from 1-8 people. If your group size is 7 people or less, you and your family may be grouped with another family for the cinematic ride experience. However, your family still will have a private opportunity to meet Santa.

Adventure to Santa Questions & Answers

What is Adventure to Santa?
Adventure to Santa, a DreamWorks DreamPlace, magically combines the time-honored tradition of meeting Santa Claus with technological wizardry to deliver a very special and immersive holiday experience. This season, the all-new attraction lets you and your family join Po and Friends for interactive games and an immersive, cinematic journey that transports guests to the North Pole for your private meeting with Santa.

How do I pre-purchase a photo package online?
Once reservations go on sale, simply select the shopping center of your choice and start the process by clicking the button that reads “Book It”. This will take you to the first step in the online booking process.

How long is the experience?
Once families enter the house, they begin an approximately 15 minute unforgettable journey to the North Pole to see Santa Claus.

Is there an age or height requirement?
Everyone is welcome! Adventure to Santa is a family-friendly experience with no age or height restriction. Please note that the ride is designed to be an immersive and cinematic journey to the North Pole with atmospheric sound, music, and motion-based effects. It's a thrilling ride to the North Pole and some children may be startled by the special effects. Children 2 and under can be placed on parent’s laps.

When should I check in?
Your check-in time is provided in the confirmation email received after booking online. Once you arrive at your designated time, the Host Desk will provide you and your family’s personalized Passport for your adventure.

How long should I expect to wait?
With Pre-Purchase or Online Booking: After checking in and receiving your Passport, guests prepare to begin their journey within a 30 minute time frame. Wait times can vary based on peak dates and times throughout the holiday season.

Without Pre-Purchase or Online Booking: Walk-up guests are not guaranteed a preferred time on the same day, and wait times could reach up to an hour or more. The Host Desk is equipped to provide text notifications of when a time comes available. Please be advised, the attraction could be sold out for that day.

Can I add or change the number of guests in my booking?
Additional guests cannot be added on the website once your booking is confirmed. You are welcome to contact Customer Service, as located in your reservation confirmation email, to further assist you. Please be advised that additional charges may apply if more guests are added, depending on location and packages offered.

Why do I need to enter my child’s name and pictures?
Santa wants to know who will be visiting him at the North Pole. By entering these details, Santa will know each child’s name upon visiting him at the North Pole.

Why do I need to include a photo of the family?
Your family will receive a personalized Passport which includes the uploaded photo for your journey. It is a keepsake from your experience and a great addition to your family albums.

Do I need to write a letter to Santa with my child’s wish list?
Creating a letter to Santa will deliver a truly personalized experience for your child. By letting Santa know what they want for Christmas, it will make their visit to the North Pole magical and unforgettable.

How can I view my photos with Santa after my visit?
Yes, simply click on “Family Login” and login your personal Family Page. Click on the “Photos” button to access your family album.

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